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Modern Home 3D Printing Lamp 16 Colors Moon Lamp

Modern Home 3D Printing Lamp 16 Colors Moon Lamp

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The color of this 3D moon lamp can be changed by a switch. There are 3 color modes, which are color conversion of 2 colors, 3 colors and 16 colors.

And there are 2 modes of switches and modes for switching colors, which are pat mode and touch mode.

Mode & Color Matching:  (The color of the sales page is marked after the .)

Touch Mode

Touch & Pat Mode

2 colors


3 colors



16 colors

✔(multi color)

Type is the size of the moonlight.


5 sizes for each color

Size Weight
#1      8cm-3.1" 83g
 #2      10cm-3.9" 105g
 #3      12cm-4.7" 288g
 #4      15cm-5.9" 450g
 #5      18cm-7.1" 600g

Name: 3D Moon Lamp

Material: Eco-friendly PVC

Charging Time: 2~3 hours

Working Time: 12~35 hours

(depends on brightness)

Power Supply: DC 5V/1A


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