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Reclaimed Wood Distressed Wood Panel Wood Grain Self-Adhesive Peel-Stick Wallpaper

Reclaimed Wood Distressed Wood Panel Wood Grain Self-Adhesive Peel-Stick Wallpaper

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Designed for quick and easy application, Wallpaper are printed on high quality vinyl and are backed with peel and stick technology. Decals arrive ready to use; simply peel off the backing and stick to any smooth, clean surface. They won’t damage walls or leave a sticky residue behind, so you can remove, reposition and try something new without the mess of traditional wallpaper!


  • Easy to Remove with No Residue.

  • Easy and Quick to apply.

  • Safe with No Wallpaper Glue Required!

  • Budget-friendly.

  • High quality vinyl.

  • Perfect for your home, bedroom, living room and kids room décor.

Steps for Usage:

  • Ensure the surface is smooth, do not stick on a rough or uneven surface.

  • Prepare the surface: remove any nails, fill any large holes, clean the surface, and ensure it is dry before application.

  • Match up the pattern before application (if necessary), allowing for 1/3" to 2/3" of overlap, to ensure you get the repeatable pattern you desire.

  • Peel off a small portion of the backing, then stick on the wall (or whatever you're applying it to) then make sure it is straight and where you want it to be. If not, remove and reapply.

  • Continue to remove backing and apply to surface, using a tool or a hard flat object (some use a book) as you go. Once a large section is done, smooth from the middle out to remove air pockets.

  • Use a straight edge (like a ruler or your smoothing tool) and a razor blade cut off the paper around your edges, ceiling, and/or corners.

  • If you're applying additional rows/columns, match up your pattern on your surface now then, overlapping 1/3" to 2/3" repeat the steps above.


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